• Fiber Art Almanac 2011
    Fiber Art Almanac 2011
    Alpaca courtesy of LIttle Gidding Farm, quilt made by Kim Gannaway from a Maxine Rosenthal design, needlepoint worked by Jenny Wilder (designer unknown).
  • Fiber Art Almanac 2013
    Fiber Art Almanac 2013
    Artist List: Aimee Radman, Jane Niemi, Margo Duke, Nancy Eha, Susan Antell, Nancy Mambi, Kathy Anderson, Crystal Woolsey, Nancy Wick, Cornelia Griffin, and Carolyn Vance.
  • Fiber Art Almanac 2012
    Fiber Art Almanac 2012
    Artist List: Debra Gangelhoff, Lila Nelson, Carolyn Abbott, Sharon Hoiland, Anita Jain, Susan Stein, Louise French, Rose Allen, Polly Hart and Michele Buck.
  • Fiber Art Almanac 2014
    Fiber Art Almanac 2014
    Artist List: Kim Kaelin, Jeanette Sundstrom, Helena Wentzlaff, Marie Westerman, CarolFaye Meadows, Don Waalen, Anne Christenson, Robbin Firth and Wendi Seminari.
Mission, Vision and Values
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Mission, Vision and Values
Festivals, events, exhibits and classes
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