About Wildwood Press

Wildwood Press is a for-profit, for social good business.

It sounds like a weird combination doesn’t it? For-profit and for-social-good? This hybrid mission of making a positive social impact and also watching the bottom line isn’t new. Wildwood Press is funded by members’ fees, publication sales and subscriptions. Wildwood Press started in 2009 as a way to combine my enthusiasm for textile arts (okay, I’ll admit, I LOVE knitting) and to create awareness of the rich textile community within the Midwest. I do this in a couple of ways:

  • Write and publish stories that feature Midwest fiber and textile people and places.
  • Work with local communities to create Fiber Arts Trails in their area. 

So far, Wildwood Press has created awareness of over 150 Midwest fiber artists through printed publications, online feature stories, exhibits and events. This is done via the nationally sold annual calendar, Fiber Art Almanac; online Almanac Blog, a twice monthly newsletter and social media. (Just over 2400 fans on Facebook!) Each of these broadcast methods reflect the ‘goings-on’ and happenings of the fiber arts community at that particular time.

Fiber Arts Trail building got underway in 2014 

Midwest Fiber Arts Trails explore the Midwest’s rich textile community through the promotion of fiber arts activities and cultural tourism. The objective of each trail is to create awareness of its community, engage that audience and grow creative and economic benefit for its members. Members include fiber artists, local businesses, and organizations. Putting people and places ‘on the map!’ We successfully launched the Cedarburg Spur (first official trail) in March, 2015. Now there are two more Trails on the map with another in the wings. Here are links to those webpages:

Cedarburg Spur Fiber Arts Trail
Pine to Prairie Fiber Arts Trail
Threaded Streams Fiber Arts Trail

Mission, vision and values:

The mission of Wildwood Press is to honor the Midwest’s rich textile heritage and celebrate and promote the work of contemporary fiber artists.

Midwest Fiber Arts Trails are where fiber enthusiasts can find useful information, resources, insights and inspiration for their own creative expression, opportunities to participate in fiber arts activities and to plan fun trips around the Midwest.

The Midwest Fiber Arts Trails and Fiber Art Almanac:

  • Celebrate the synergy between place and textile art and design
  • Honor the influence of historic textiles on contemporary work and future vision
  • Encourage discovery and growth in self expression
  • Foster creativity and collaboration
  • Change as a reflection of the community
  • Welcome everyone.

Jenny Wilder

Publisher and Founder, Fiber Art Almanac & Midwest Fiber Arts Trails


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