Almanac Journal

Textile stories from the American Midwest.

Cross Section by Diane Núñez of Southfield, Michigan. Featured in Quilt National ’15.
Now on exhibit at Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts.

Roberta Condon’s pine needle coiling

Dear Friends,  How did the humble pine needle rise from the forest floor to exhibit a star performance as seen in Roberta Condon’s work? Used as functional baskets, trim on gourds and accents on a larger pieces; Roberta’s pine needle coiling is contemporary, abstract...

A bracelet made for a dress

Dear Fiber Enthusiasts, I don’t normally write or talk about myself (who, me?) in my blog posts or newsletters. It’s much more fun to inspire you with what all of you are doing. Having said that—this is Tuesday of wedding week! On Saturday one of our sons marries a...

Robin M. Fleming: fiber sculptor

Robin’s vibrant personality is evident in her work. Each fabric sculpted doll she makes, each bird that looks ready to take flight, comes into being with its own personality released from Robin’s imagination. It doesn’t hurt that Robin’s textile stash is global. When...

Ron Turney’s quill work

Profile of an Artist: Ron Turney Describe your primary type of work: Traditional Arts--Quill work How long have you been doing this? Five months, my teacher said I'm a natural! Please describe your work as it's linked to your location, traditions, process or people...

Profile of a weaver: Carrie Jessen

Carrie Jessen's weaving takes a historical approach. Inspired by weave structures from Colonial times and interested in historic fur trading routes that were spread across northern Minnesota, Carrie weaves bed-sized blankets with the traditional striping and color...

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