Mary Mendla is an apparel designer, knitter, dyer and teacher from Grafton, Wisconsin. Mary has two labels, Facets Fashion and Affluere Yogawear. Both are complete wardrobe systems inspired by the wondrous beauty present in every woman. Mary is a member of the Cedarburg Spur Fiber Arts Trail and teaches classes at the Cedarburg Cultural Center in addition to be very active in the local arts community.

Mary took a few minutes and shared a bit about her inspiration. Mary says:

My goal for my clothing lines is to emphasize the strength and potential in all women. Let your unique feminine beauty shine forth as you have fun expressing yourself through your fashion choices.

Cowl Topper B-W 1 When did you first become interested in fiber art?

I’ve been interested in art since my early childhood. I became interested in it as a career path in high school.

What about the medium of fiber appeals to you?

I love the colors that can be created on fabric through the many dye processes that I utilize.

Crop2What types of fiber do you work with most often?

Surface design, apparel design, silk yardage, mostly jersey knits for apparel.

What are your creative challenges?

Having enough time to create all my ideas. Keeping an element of artistic integrity in my apparel lines which are produced in volume.

How do you approach your work?

With joy!

What tool could you not live without?

My sewing machines and sergers.

Draped Hem Jkt RSWhat are some of the pleasures you get in your work?

I love dyeing fabric especially Shibori. The colors that appear as a bound fabric is untied and them dried is like opening a present and enjoying the surprise.

What are some of the big ideas that influence your work?

My apparel design is influenced quilt a bit by my customers’ needs especially relating to creating styles that work for many body types.

Which fiber artist do you admire the most?

Carter Smith

CntrFlounceTunicFtResizeWhat is your work motto?

Just do it!

Where do you sell your work?

I sell throughout the US at apparel shows and online throughout the world. Mary’s apparel can be found on Etsy!


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