Dear Fiber Enthusiasts,

I don’t normally write or talk about myself (who, me?) in my blog posts or newsletters. It’s much more fun to inspire you with what all of you are doing.

Having said that—this is Tuesday of wedding week! On Saturday one of our sons marries a wonderful young woman whom we have grown to love.

We’re calm and organized but there’s a charge in the air. Movements are a bit quicker and wedding day timing is down to the minute. Yesterday, the dog and cats were banished to the porch one last time while we finished up the runner for the cake table. Gold mini sequins litter the living room rug.

We laugh about the location being a destination wedding—not on a mountain top or a cliff overlooking the ocean—but theirs is a college sweetheart story. So, it’s fitting their wedding will be on the lawn of the Campanile underneath a beautiful summer sky at Iowa State University. Those Iowa Staters are a loyal bunch! (Sending positive energy for no rain on Saturday!)

Wedding Clothes and Details

Dresses and suits in blush and navy. The old adage for the mother of the groom to wear beige, shut up and sit in the corner will not (really) apply. Anyone who knows me knows I’ll chime in on cue. So when I went dress shopping with a couple of good friends I looked for a dress made with beautiful fabric. I’m not a sequin kind of gal, my body type doesn’t do slinky anymore and the last thing I want to do is stand out. The starring matron role is for the bride’s mom. Did I say, “Matron?” She’s ten years younger than me!



Just for fun and because all of you are crazy about cool textiles, I’m showing you a couple of pictures of the fabric in my dress. The style is A-line with two layers. The top layer is sheer navy organza with splashes of impressionistic flowers decorating the hem and bodice. The underneath layer is cobalt blue and slightly more fitted. It’s sleeveless, no gathers and to the floor. (I have to say I found the perfect navy blue patent leather wedge sling backs that will be comfy for dancing and still look good.)


The finishing touch is the fabulous bracelet made by knotting artist Karen-lisa Forbes of Bemidji, Minnesota. We coordinated colors, beads and bracelet style via Facebook messenger! I sent her a picture, she sent me suggestions and she created this lovely bracelet just for this dress, just for this wedding. It’s perfect.

I love wedding cake.