NE7579aThis afternoon I made a quick trip to the Minnetonka Center for the Arts in Orono, MN. If you take Cty Rd 15 along the north shore of Lake Minnetonka you will be treated to a very pretty drive. The Art Center underwent a dramatic overhaul about 14 years ago. The modern building is surrounded by native plants and marshy land typical of the area. The Dakota Trail (walking and biking) is very close by, too.

The crazy quilt exhibit is well worth the drive. Curated by Gail Bakkom, it’s a look at crazy quilts from the 1870’s through their heyday which ended in the 1890’s. Some of the quilts were contemporary and I even know the maker of MInnesota: My Muse. Nancy Eha’s quilts were in the 2013 Fiber Art Almanac. It is a beautiful 9 square quilt made of silk with extraordinary beadwork and stitching. She has developed her own stitches and she calls them crazy beading.

I would definitely recommend a trip. If you go around lunch time, you can eat in their cafe. Which is good because otherwise the nearest place to grab a bite is Wayzata.

The exhibit closes on October 24th.