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Have you ever wanted to see a really special quilt exhibit but you just couldn’t get there? With our super busy schedules it’s hard to stuff everything in! I am very excited to share this fabulous idea of an Online Exhibit from the International Quilt Study Center and Museum (IQSCM) in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska, you say? Unless you’re heading west on I-80 you might not have the opportunity to drive through this hub of Husker football fame.

Yep, the University of Nebraska is better known for its football team, but the ultra fabulous IQSCM is an unparalleled source for the preservation and study of quilts from all over the world. This presentation is only one of fifteen Online Exhibits. I liked this exhibit because the quiltmaker is a Nebraska farmer; Mr. Ernest B. Haight.

There are five videos the detail Ernest’s story and quilting adventures!  The links to all five videos are listed below. This link is to the site: Ernest Haight’s Half Century of Quiltmaking

One day in 1934 Ernest B. Haight couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He noticed the imprecision of a quilt his wife, Isabelle Hooper Haight, was working on. “In many of the blocks, the corners of the pieces didn’t fit too well. I had to mention it, and she came right back with, ‘Well, if you can do better, prove it!! If not, keep still.’ Soooooo- What else could I do?”

Over the next fifty years he made more than 300 quilts! For the first 25 years his quilts were family projects because his father, mother, and wife hand quilted them.

EH-IQSCMAs a man with an engineering degree from the University of Nebraska in 1924, Ernest valued mathematical precision and efficient processes. He said, “I think in terms of methods as well as aesthetics.” As a result he developed several time-saving innovations to cut, sew, and quilt his boldly designed quilts.

Ernest generously shared his innovations. Beginning in the 1970s, he demonstrated his methods to quilt groups, self-published a booklet about machine quilting, and gave interviews for articles in national magazines. He also received formal recognition when inducted into the Nebraska Quilters Hall of Fame in 1986, just at the time declining health brought his half-century of quilt making to a close.

Here are the five video links:

Early Years     Family     Innovations–(this one is at the top of this post     Style     Legacy

About IQSCM:

The International Quilt Study Center & Museum’s mission is to inspire an understanding of the cultural and artistic significance of quilts by collecting, preserving, studying, exhibiting and promoting discovery of quilts and quilt making traditions from many cultures, countries and times. They  envision IQSCM as a dynamic center of formal and informal learning and discovery for students, teachers, scholars, artists, quilters and others. Their comprehensive and accessible collection of quilts, related textiles and documents form a primary text for study, insight and inspiration. IQSCM is an academic program of the The Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design in the College of Education and Human Sciences at UNL. The Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources also provides support for the research and outreach efforts of the Quilt Center. The department offers a unique masters degree in Textile History with a quilt studies emphasis, which is the only program of its kind in the world.

Yep, these are your tax dollars at work! Research, preservation and exhibition–nice job, UNL!