Deer Creek Farm

Deer Creek, MN

Deer Creek Farm

Quilt Maker


Quilt Maker Bio:

At this time I’m 51 years old and live on a farm by a little town named Deer Creek. I’m married and have 11 children (4 boys and 7 girls, ages 31 to 11). And now I’m also a grandmother to 18 little lovable kiddies! Ages 9 years to 2 days old. 6 girls and 12 boys. But it doesn’t matter how big my family is or how busy I am I still find time to sit down relax and quilt. Oh, I love to quilt and I also piece them, or some of them, but I still rather quilt. When I was a little girl my grandmother made quilts and quilted them, I would watch every move that she made. Well, finally I would be allowed to iron the seams for her. Then later on I could quilt. I was 12 years old when I really learned to quilt and I loved it from the very start. I’ve quilted approximately 500 – 600 quilts in all my years now and I plan to continue this hobby as long as I’m able.  You’re likely to see a quilt or 2 somewhere in our home. We live without electricity and do a lot of our work with horses or manually. Gardening is also on the agenda. So you have guessed by now that I’m an Amish lady.