Julie Pietras

Oregon, Wisconsin

Julie Pietras

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My work in fiber really begins with my parents. We did all sorts of artwork and more often than not we were working with fiber, from felted creatures to sewing to Japanese Shibori to embroidery. They taught me from a young age what they were creating and we worked together. Any thing was fair game. I never questioned this – it was just what we did. When I was small my Dad and I would work on every new art project and it was great fun. I miss him, my art work partner!

You can’t have quality unless you start with quality fabric and dyes. It is a pleasure to work with beautiful linens and silks. This makes a difference in the final outcome in how the fabric lies and handles. When it is wrapped around a person it flows and it never becomes a distraction.

I use bound techniques to create my scarves. I have favorite techniques yet always looking for a new idea or different way of doing a design.

  • Arashi Shibori
  • Kumo Shibori

I create Wool, linen, silk and merino jersey scarves and Baby Onesies, t-shirts and dresses. My main work is done with dyeing scarves that are little luxuries and a piece of heaven to express yourself when you wear them.

Julie Pietras

Fiber Artist
Oregon WI 53575
Phone: 608.215.9767
Email: jpietras200@gmail.com

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