Ruth Manning Tapestry

Madison, WI


Ruth Manning

Ruth Manning Tapestry

The field of fiber arts is vast and I’ve tried most aspects, but soon found myself drawn to hand-woven tapestry. There was an immediate attraction to the image-making possibilities of tapestry, a very specific type of language that no other art process can duplicate.

My tools are simple and I like that too; a frame loom, a variety of yarns, and a tapestry bobbin to tap them into place. I dye my yarns each summer to achieve the range of color I prefer to use.

During my life as an artist I became increasingly interested in the stories people could tell of their lives. I slip into the role of listener and observer to study their faces and gestures. Later at home I try to bring back some part of their character in my sketchbook. These are the seeds that grow into my hand-woven tapestries.

I also share my passion and expertise by teaching the art of tapestry. If you would like to learn more, please visit my website.

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