My Journey by Ron Turney-BCS_webProfile of an Artist: Ron Turney

Describe your primary type of work: Traditional Arts–Quill work
How long have you been doing this? Five months, my teacher said I’m a natural!
Please describe your work as it’s linked to your location, traditions, process or people involved: I build traditional Ojibwe Quill boxes and other quilled pieces.
Describe the design qualities and quanitities of your work: I try to include a part of myself into my work, a story told through my art.
Describe the technique you use to create your work: I harvest birch bark from trees, my quills from roadkill, never hunted porcupine.

Ron is a multi-media specialist at Leech Lake Tribal College and makes quilled boxes, jewelry, necklaces and earrings. His work will be exhibited at Watermark Art Center during the Pine to Prairie Fiber Arts Trail Weekend April 8 – 10, 2016.