Shelleysocks 5
It’s Minnesota State Fair week which means it’s going to be really hot for a few days. Everyone with Nordic heritage will turn slightly pink, sit in the shade with Fair fans and say, “Uff-da, we’re seeing some warm weather here now then!” But we love it and wouldn’t trade pronto pups for luv nor money.

The State Fair is part of what makes us Minnesotans like this crazy place that will turn colder than the face of the moon in a few short months. So let the sun shine down upon that buzz and swirl of activity even if for only a long week. It’s the only time of year that level-headed Mid-westerners plan their food choices by whether or not it’s on a stick! In grand Minnesota tradition, I present to you on a stick! Knit by Master Hand knitter Shelley Monitor. Shelley has won many of the coveted ribbons at the fair and continues to made beautifully knit pieces.

The State Fair is an event where Minnesotans show off their best goods, too. Blue, Red, Yellow, White and Purple ribbons are awarded to the best of the best in each category for quilts, knitted pieces, various forms of needle and fiber craft, woodworking, garden grown food, jams, pickles, pies, baked goods and anything else that comes out of a kitchen, studio or garage. People stand four and five deep at the display cases murmuring comments, shaking their heads and feeling really good about the creativity and skill of their fellow Minnesotans.