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Kristin Majkrzak

Tapestry Weaver, Bemidji, Minnesota

I took my first class in tapestry weaving in 2005 and have been smitten ever since.  In the past year, I have also returned to writing poetry, an art form I practiced for many years starting at the age of 13.  I am now experimenting with letting these visual and verbal art forms feed and balance each other in my work. Therefore, my Artist Statement is in the form of a poem.


Interlaced poems
of rich color rhymes
and beaten rhythms
thread through my fingers.

Yarn butterflies dance
across the warp,
meeting and separating,
flowing shapes filling.

Unplyed and re-plyed,
soft wool weft strands blend
hues, shades, and brightness
with light-bounced edges.

This space is sacred,
movement and stillness,
deep meditation,
each pixel a choice.

Lyrics without words,
all motion a song,
heart strings re-woven,
pliant and strong.

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