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The Cedarburg Spur Grand Opening  weekend is coming right up on March 21 – 22, 2015. It feels right around the corner even though I know we have quite a lot of winter to experience! For the next weeks leading up to the big kick-off, I’ll highlight places, people, exhibits and events that may interest you.

This week, I’m focusing on quilting.

The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts is presenting Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry’s quilt retrospective. The event goes through mid-April so it will be in full swing on grand opening weekend. Here’s an image of one of magnificent testaments to color. Also, click on the orange button for event details.

Part of the Quilt Museum’s mission is to preserve. Several times per year, they fling the doors open and offer Documentation Day. $5 will get you an archived documentation of your quilt. This includes a digital image, a full description and the quilt’s history. Quilt history is women’s history. When the quilt is recorded, we’re recording our own history.

Another quilting hot spot is the Ye Olde Schoolhouse Quilt Shop.  In a beautiful setting, the quilt shop celebrated the 125-year Anniversary of the school, contacting former students and people who grew up in and around Hamilton, Wisconsin. They made a quilt and have former students’ signatures on a wonderful quilt commemorating the anniversary. That place has an interesting history. Of course, there’s an old mill and a few buildings left from when it was a separate town from Cedarburg.

About the Cedarburg Spur…

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