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Work 141 Lodi St Lodi Wisconsin 53555 Work Phone: 608.335.1237Website: A Botanical Dyery


Kippian (Kipp) Inglis is a Lodi, WI fiber artist, a long-time Washington, DC area transplant who moved to Wisconsin five years ago.9337KI

Artist Statement:

I work primarily in wool and silk, but have a long history of sewing, quilting and costume design. Wool, silk and cotton fibers and fabrics are hand-dyed using natural dyes (botanical dyes). By utilizing natural dyes, I feel more connected to the history of humankind (we only began harsh chemicals about 125 years ago, before that, the only known dyestuffs came from plants, animals, dirt and clay) and helpful in sustaining our environment. It is personally important to me to work in accord and as closely as I can with Mother Earth – it is our home. I enjoy growing the plants used for dyeing and printing on fabric or foraging in our local environment (marsh, prairie and woodlands) for dyestuffs. I also purchase dyestuffs from all parts of the world that are grown and harvested from suppliers who adhere to sustainable methods.

After I have dyed and/or painted the fabrics, I use various techniques to make clothing, accessories and home decorative items. Techniques I use include stitching by both hand and machine, quilting by hand or machine embroidery embellishment, felting, nuno felting and shibori.

I also combine fabrics with Japanese and East Indian prints that have also have been dyed with botancial dyes. I teach local classes in felt making, dyework, wool applique and embroidery. You can find my items for sale at artisan shows and at Sunfall On Mail in Lodi, WI.

My new website is coming soon!

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