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Fiber enthusiasts rarely need a reason to hop in the car with a bunch of friends to go in search of that perfect fabric, new yarn or to take a workshop with the latest up and coming teacher. Midwest Fiber Arts Trails make travel planning a lot easier.

At Midwest Fiber Arts Trails, fiber enthusiasts can find useful information, resources, insights and inspiration for their own creative expression. The Trails offer opportunities to participate in fiber arts activities and to plan fun trips around the Midwest!

Each community-based Trail may include individual artists, galleries, arts centers, museums, shops, woolen mills and farms. Each Trail is unique to their place, local history, and member objectives. Trail members may offer an annual Trail Tour weekend event which may include a member exhibit, workshops, demonstrations and special programming to promote their members and community to their audience of fiber enthusiasts.

Trail members’ art and activities are presented on the Midwest Fiber Arts Trails website year-round. Visit the following links to for inspiration and travel ideas!

Cedarburg Spur Fiber Arts Trail

Pine to Prairie Fiber Arts Trail

Threaded Streams Fiber Arts Trail

Weaving Waters Fiber Arts Trail

Madison Fiber Arts Trail

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The mission of Wildwood Press is to honor the Midwest’s rich textile heritage and celebrate and promote the work of contemporary fiber artists.

Midwest Fiber Arts Trails and Fiber Art Almanac:

  • Celebrate the synergy between place and textile art and design
  • Honor the influence of historic textiles on contemporary work and future vision
  • Encourage discovery and growth in self expression
  • Foster creativity and collaboration
  • Change as a reflection of the community
  • Welcome everyone.

Jenny Wilder

Publisher and Founder, Fiber Art Almanac & Midwest Fiber Arts Trails

Jennifer Wilder
Founder, Midwest Fiber Arts Trails

I’m a Midwestern gal. Both sides of my family have deep roots in the Midwest and I love the beauty of the land, the work ethic and the distinctive culture of this region.

One of the things I’ve learned about myself over the last few years is that I’m very good at making connections between people–I’m a connector. What a perfect way to utilize that talent by connecting people who love fiber arts with each other. It’s really that simple. See you on the Trail!

My whole bio is right here. Read this!

Jennifer Wilder

Founder, Midwest Fiber Arts Trails

Midwest Fiber Arts Trails

Address: 229 Minnetonka Ave S #181 Wayzata, MN 55391

Phone: 612.961.1601

Email: jennifer@fiberartalmanac.com

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