Fiber Art Almanac Weekly Calendars

An annual weekly calendar of inspiring fiber and textile art from Midwestern fiber artists.

Testimonials from readers who love the Almanac!

“The Fiber Art Almanac you gave to me no doubt will be a daily inspiration. Sometimes, seeing the works of others gives one permission to embark on his or her own creative endeavor. The open and honest sharing of talents fosters courage and nourishes the creative spirit in us all.”—from Lynn in New Mexico.

“I am so intrigued by the calendar/journal/pattern sketchbook you gave me! Nothing excites me more than a blank page for me to fill with words or pictures, such an invitation! Thank you, thank you—this will be fun! These 25 women (and one man!) have much to teach me. Looking at the patterns in the back, I feel an urge to resume knitting come over me (although Connie has just unloaded on me an unfinished hooked rug of Anna’s). Also the blank pages for sketches. It’s a long time since I did any drawings. The book will go with me to Florida in February. Thank you, dear!” –Mollie from Maine.

Fiber Art Almanac 2011

The Fiber Art Almanac is a annual publication that includes a calendar for the year, weather data and details of events relating to knitting, quilting, spinning, rug hooking, alpaca, needle pointing and the celebration of fiber artists and what they create and how they interact with their fiber world. The Almanac is a fresh, new look in fiber art publication! As Minnesota-based author, I am very excited to present a collection of stories about fiber artists and their work in a relevant, engaging and practical format. Each week the reader is invited to learn about a different fiber art project, read an amusing anecdote about fiber experiences or learn about the artisan who is behind the creativity-all while keeping their own life organized and on track by using the weekly planner! The first Almanac featured eight Midwestern fiber artists including my own needlepoint and knitting. 138 pp, full color and printed on a commercial digital press. ISBN: 978-0615386867

Fiber Art Almanac 2012

The Fiber Art Almanac is a weekly planner with over 80 one-of-a-kind fiber creations from 28 artisans, each of whom incorporates local, international and historic influences into their art. Each week showcases a unique piece along with its interesting and amusing story and perspective from the artisan who created it. The Almanac also provides 6 knitting patterns that are elegant while also fun and approachable, offering a variety of projects for the eager amateur to the accomplished artist to create themselves. 148 pp full color printed on Heidelberg commercial press. ISBN: 978-0615526478 See “Inside the 2012 Almanac” PDF

Fiber Art Almanac 2013

The Fiber Art Almanac Annual Collection 2013 is a monthly and weekly datebook that features thirty highly talented fiber artists and their work. The photography is detailed and vibrant; the storytelling is inspirational and highlights each artists’ unique talents. High quality paper; made in America. 156 pp full color, printed on Heidelberg commercial printer. ISBN: 978-0985929701 See “Inside the 2013 Almanac” PDF

Fiber Art Almanac 2014

The 2014 Fiber Art Almanac is a weekly calendar filled with stories about 25 featured artists, what is meaningful to them and shows off their fiber art with beautiful photography. Stories about people who knit, quilt, weave, felt and includes 5 more types of fiber art in the Almanac this year! Batik painting, knotting, liturgical art, wearable art and dimensional journals. This year, I developed a new look for the Almanac! It has a clean, fresh, open look and TABS! Love tabs! And sketchpaper! The Almanac features a different artist and story along with a beautiful photograph of artwork each week. There are two patterns in the book written by Sheryl Thies who has six knitting and crochet books published from Martingale Press. 132pp full color printed commercially on Heidelberg press. ISBN: 978-0985929725