Cathryn Fritz-Jung

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Cathryn Fritz-Jung

Fiber Artist

Artist Statement:

As a child I learned how to sew, knit, crochet and embroidery. I had always had my own style of dressing. My mother indulged me by making clothes to my design. I would choose the fabric, sketch out the design and she would make them for me. As a pre-teen I took over and made clothes for myself and commissioned pieces for others. My work slowed down when I began my career as a food scientist. I retired early so I could continue my passion for making wearables.

Three years ago, I became aware of Nuno felting. I could not find local classes, so I proceeded to teach myself. This took me on a wonderous journey of exploration and discovery. A friend once told me that he could not pin point my style of dressing because everything I wore was so unique. My mother agreed. She said I always expressed myself through my clothes. I encourage my customers to do the same.

Artist Bio:

My parent’s careers had us living in different countries. My work is inspired by the artistic styles of the countries I lived in. I make pieces that are practical and artistic. I take artistic elements to the level that I think my customers will feel comfortable wearing at work or a special event. I have had customers in Italy, France, Latin America and the United States. Each one has taken my artistic designs in different directions and to different levels. This is what I enjoy the most. Getting to know a person, their style preferences, their body type, encouraging to go beyond the mundane and making them something that captures them as an individual.

Nuno felting has taken over as the dominant technique used for my work. I have worked with a wide variety of wool fibers and fabrics. I also re-purpose clothes with Nuno felting techniques. I occasionally incorporate sewing, knitting etc. as design elements. I’ve dabbled some in dying fabric and plan to continue to do more. I began teaching myself Nuno felting by making scarves and shawls. Next, I used my knowledge from sewing to make skirts. I have expanded into making dresses and tops. The next thing I plan to tackle is incorporating knitting into Nuno felting. I plan to call this area of styles “unraveled” as I imagine a piece of knitted wear unraveling into Nuno felting. After that I plan to learn and incorporate Shibori techniques.

I provide my customers with commissioned pieces, stock items and classes ranging from beginners to experienced.

Cathryn Fritz-Jung

Fiber Artist
CFJ Consulting, LLC
2433 N 7th St.
Sheboygan Wisconsin 53083-4928
Phone: 906.420.3380

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