Gina Studelska

Grafton, WI

Gina Studelska

Fiber and mixed media artist

Gina grew up in a family that lived in an unincorporated town in Wisconsin. As kids, they were always outside; painting their chins with dandelions, stringing catalpa flowers, planting marigolds from seeds collected last year, digging in sand, and collecting leaves, feathers, and rocks. She never tired of these simple things.  Family, faith, and nature often entwine as themes throughout Gina’s art. Gina has a BA in Art from UW-Whitewater with a certification to teach and graduate work at Mount Mary and Cardinal Stritch Universities.

Gina’s current work focuses on eco-printing live botanicals onto fabric or paper, cyanotype, rust, wax, block printing, stitching, drawing, and other mark making techniques can be found in her work. Eco-printing or botanical printing is a contemporary extension on the traditions of natural dyeing. Credited mainly on the work of India Flint, an Australian fiber artist.

In eco printing, leaves and flowers are bundled in natural textiles or paper, bound by winding around sticks, or stacked in layers. The bundles are then tied and steamed or simmered in hot water to extract their color and the image. The image is transferred because of the direct contact with the fabric.

Gina Studelska

Fiber Artist
1300 14th Ave
Grafton Wisconsin 53024
Phone: 414.339.4643
Website: Gina Studelska
Website: Gina’s Studio

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