Mariposa Designs

Madison, WI

Jane Grogan

Fiber Artist

Artist’s Statement:

I work with small hand-held frame looms using continuous strand weaving in geometric shapes that can be combined into more complex designs. I hope that my woven and felted pieces will inspire others to try weaving for themselves. One of my principles is putting FUN into functional.

The geometry of combining squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds and hexagons is a fun mental exercise that is enhanced by the interplay of color.

I weave with natural fibers and sometimes incorporate handspun yarns. In most cases, after the pieces are assembled, they are felted.

Because I work with small frame looms using the continuous strand weaving technique, each size piece requires a unique loom. The looms are not available in retail stores. I work with a loom maker in northern California to make looms for my use and for teaching new weavers. I aim to make functional pieces that inspire others to learn the weaving and assembly techniques.

My work was featured as a solo exhibit at The Dining Room (now closed) in Monticello WI. My main fiber experience has been teaching at many midwestern fiber events and shops: WI Sheep &Wool Festival, WI Alpaca Festival, Madison Knitters Guild Knit-In, Olbrich Garden, Milwaukee Fiver Frolic, Susan’s Fiber Shop.

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