Jennifer Falkowski

Monona, WI

Jennifer Falkowski

Indigo Textile Dyeing

Jennifer Falkowski is best known for her beautiful and simple indigo dyed pieces. Self-taught, she makes her patterns using both traditional Japanese shibori and playfully updated techniques.  Her work is painterly; she makes pieces to hang, wear and/or sew.

She is also known for her engaging, supportive and accessible teaching and speaking style. Along with Jenina Mella, she co-runs the popular Deep Into Indigo Retreat every summer in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. Classes at Olbrich Gardens, The Electric Needle, Millhouse Quilts, Paradigm Gardens and many other venues have been popular and well attended.

Her work has been shown at The Monona Library, Evolution Arts, Absolutely Art and several quilt shows in the Madison area.  Her scarves, clothes and fabric can be found in The Regal Find and Blue Bar Quilts in Middleton.

Artist Statement:

I am a self-taught textile artist. I believe we all come into the world as artists and are educated out of our natural inclination to create.  My work and passion are to be an antidote to the “Fear of Making” that results from that education.  I do this work out of a deeply-held conviction that the act of creating something out of nothing feeds our soul and self-worth. And it’s just plain fun! I show people how to have more creative fun, by sprinkling in a little play time (or maybe a lot) to their days. I figure that sometimes all people need is the right encouragement, and that’s where I come in. If you look at my work, it reflects my playful, fearless and intuitive style.

I have found many ways to help people connect with their creativity, but currently it’s mostly through textile arts. I dye fabric, and have been teaching people how to dye with indigo for the last 6 years at a bunch of different venues, mostly in the Madison area, including Paradigm Gardens, Olbrich Gardens, Mad City Bazaar, Millhouse Quilts and others.  I’ve fallen hard for indigo dye, the process is truly magical.

I founded and the super popular Fearless Crafters Program at the Monona Library.  I’m also coordinating a community mending day there.  I teach creative classes at the American Family Dream Bank, Madison and Monona Libraries and privately. Really, I am happy to teach anywhere anyone will let me.

Jennifer Falkowski

Jennifer Falkowski, LLC
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