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Linda Sweek Designs

Fiber and mixed media artist

Biographical Info
When I was eight, my mother put in my hands a sampler to embroider and explained how to stitch. It was like painting a canvas. I was enchanted and haven’t put down that needle since.

My Mentor
Additionally, my grandmother was an artist and an interior decorator. She took me to art museums and galleries and discussed everything. Plus, I was allowed into her studio to design and watch her paint or work with clay or pastels. My grandmother also introduced me to the realm of interior design explaining styles of décor, discussing client projects, color application, the art of a good grouping – all working to come up with a stunning concept that served a purpose.

My Passion
My own passion is fabric and textiles with my paint and brush being needle and thread. Because of this early art influence, I see my fabric creations from the eyes of an artist. Besides wall art, I am motivated to make our everyday things – table runners, pillows, quilts, fabric bowls, tea towels, sachets – artistic with a flair.

Living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after a lifelong interest in needle arts, I am now creating fabric artistry full-heartedly. As well as color, fabric, and decor consulting, and custom sewing.

Linda Sweek Designs

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