Fringes House

Cuhady, Wisconsin


Nicole Conti

Fiber Artist

Artist Statement:

I am Nicole Conti, an artist and designer from southeast Wisconsin. Fringes House is my evolving creation, housing and giving a name to my brand collective.

My work is in fiber arts, but I have a special passion and focus in hand loom weaving. I create handwoven fiber art that is highly textural and intricate. Weaving provides a platform in which I have an endless variety of tools, textures, forms, and fibers to create contemporary fiber art in a mixture of ways. Creating my weavings means I must find the balance between different textures and harmonizing with the color and forms. Once I achieve this, my finished pieces are my tactile expression of transforming the ordinary into something beautiful.

I have only truly been focused on fiber art for the last year and have created quite a few pieces over that time. I have created a variety of small and large-scale weavings which have very different elements than one another.

I create a variety of types of fiber art. My main focus being on hand loom weaving, but I also use embroidery, sewing, macramé, and crochet in my work. I incorporate some of these methods into a weaving or use several of these different techniques to create original fiber art pieces.

Nicole Conti

Fiber Artist
Fringes House
5457 S Lake Dr #2
Cudahy Wisconsin 53110
Phone: 414.659.1212
Website: Fringes House on Etsy

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