Pam Collins Art

Staples, MN

Pam Collins Art

Artist, Teacher

Artist Statement:

I believe all humans have a need to be creative, and that art is made to examine our emotions and responses to the world we live in. I have found that working in mosaics and textiles are gratifying art forms. I have only begun to examine the possibilities of these two mediums. So few people believe they have any creativity within themselves, judging their abilities before ever trying. Whenever I have an opportunity to help someone discover his or her creativity I understand a little bit more of the purpose for my life. When we are passionate about what we do it is easy to share. As I continue in my work I am constantly discovering, and isn’t that what all of life’s experiences are meant to do?

Artist Bio:

Pam Collins is mostly a self taught artist, who works in watercolors, mosaics, and fabric. (not simultaneously) She has studied under nationally known artists in pursuit of her favorite medium. Collins has lead numerous watercolor and mosaic workshops in her studio, at area art centers and school districts. Her passion is contagious and inspirational. She has received grants from Five Wings Arts Council funded from the McKnight Foundation. Most recently Pam won a 2014 Community Arts Leadership award.

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