River Arts on Water Gallery and Arts Center

Prairie du Sac, WI

River Arts on Water Gallery

Arts Center

River Arts Inc. is a nonprofit organization that includes a Performing Arts Center and Exhibit Gallery located adjacent to Prairie du Sac’s middle and high school and the River Arts on Water Gallery located on the river front in downtown Prairie du Sac.

For going on fifteen years, River Arts, Inc. has hosted performances, visual arts exhibits, community and school plays, as well as countless school district and community events. River Arts on Water is a beautiful gallery space on the banks of the Wisconsin River where people can explore, celebrate and advance the arts and cultural forms that express the inextricable bond between humans and the landscape in which they dwell.

Devoted to the cultural and ecological vitality of the community, it is a retail gallery, concert, workshop and gathering place. The community plays an integral in continued support for the organization. River Arts provides a vibrant arts and cultural center for the larger Prairie du Sac community.

The above photos showcase some of the many local artists represented at the gallery. To support their local community, River Arts prefers to represent artists who live within 30 miles of the gallery in downtown Prairie du Sac, WI.

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