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Stillwater, Minnesota

Sue Rowe

Book and multi-media Artist


Artist Statement:

Why I Draw Bears

It is a usual, quiet afternoon in October 1997, upstairs in Stillwater, Minnesota’s American Gothic Antiques. I don’t want to make little leather bridles for model horses anymore, so I walk to Marshall’s area in the rear of the store. Marshall sells old hunting magazines. One from the 1920’s has a handsome woodcut illustration of a calm grizzly bear. I have a BFA degree. Maybe I can draw a bear…

Fate places a blank piece of card stock and a sharpened pencil in the desk drawer…

The first drawing was very bad. I am stubborn. The third drawing is almost O.K. Time to go home. I put the magazine back in the rack, pack up, and leave. But the next shift I bring my own drawing paper and pencils. Draw, draw. Roger appears – telling stories to his four pals. He’s a wood-worker. Third shift… Has wife and cubbies. All I do is watch and listen. Then its time to draw and write.

It was Roger that sneaked me into a parallel forest where I’m allowed to scribble at will. But the other bears growl, “My turn! My turn!” Here come Al and Beth and Mike and Sheila. And Carla and Carl, Steve and Old Tom. They, too, want their portraits drawn and stories told.

I do what they say – almost every day.

They’re bears…

About Sue’s work:

My work involves using marks and/or words on paper or other surfaces, or using mixed-media to create a wide variety of emotions. I enjoy discovering images as I go along, versus creating a fully thought-out design.

I work with a wide variety of art materials and things such as tea bags, paper cups, lace, and fabric scraps. Some pieces are the size of artists trading cards. Others are much larger. I enjoy the play of values and lines against each other.

I often glue or stitch a wide variety of materials in creating my books or other work. Whatever suits the purpose. I hand-stitch, knot, or glue my surfaces together.

I sell original art, cards, magnets, and books. I offer workshops or private classes from pastel painting to visual journaling.

Sue work has been featured in the following galleries and shows:

Hudson Hospital, – Hudson, Wisconsin; Awaits d winner -Artstreet, Green Bay, WI, award winner -Phipps Center for the Arts -Hudson, WI; WRAP award winner-River Falls Public Library, River Falls, WI

Sue Rowe

Mailing Address: PO Box 728 Stillwater, MN 55082
Phone: 651-303-5453

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