Willa Blanket

A new style of baby blanket that uses vertical lines of texture in combination with beautiful hues of superwash wool from Dream in Color. Vibrant hand-dyed hues along with an elegant stitch pattern accentuate the texture. The color nuances of the fiber give the Willa Blanket it’s rich feel. Originally, this was supposed to be a Tulip Sweater. The Dream in Color Classy yarn came in a bag of small tightly wound up cakes of yarn–just enough for the child-sized sweater. But having made some of those already, I ventured forth into unknown knitting territory.  I did have a baby gift to buy/assemble/knit, so this was fortunate timing. I used what was included in the sweater kit and then purchased the Tea Party brown color for the base. The stitch is a garter rib and can be made into a much bigger blanket if desired. Afterall, it’s a rectangle!! I purchased additional Dream in Color Classy from a Twin Cities shop so I could make kits. I think kits are the most affordable way to do it, really. This pattern includes nine colors and each color doesn’t take anywhere near the full hank. Except for the base color which does take a full hank.

The pattern is available from Ravelry or Craftsy as a download for $3.00 US.


The Willa Blanket Craftsy Link