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Let’s talk hand-dyes & leather work. This week’s Cedarburg Spur featured artists are Gina Studelska and Ilze Heider. Both artists have been working in their medium for many years although they have taken different routes and now both are studio artists at the Arts Mill in Grafton, Wisconsin. The Cedarburg Spur Grand Opening Weekend is NEXT MONTH on March 21 -22, 2015.

0914GS_blogpostGina Studelska is a fiber and mixed media artist. Her education and subsequent 34-year art teaching career allowed Gina to explore a broad spectrum of art and art history. Since her retirement, she has focused on fiber and mixed media. This is an example of Gina’s work hand dyeing silk-rayon burn-out velvet scarves. Gina sells her work locally at the Arts Mill boutique and The Pink Llama Art Gallery. Gina Studelska


Ilze Heider designs handbags using soft leather (mostly–she’s designed dresses and other types of accessories, too). She and her family came from Latvia when Ilze was a small girl. While her handbags have a distinctly contemporary flavor, Ilze incorporates Latvian textile designs in her work, too. Ilze sells her work at art fairs, galleries and from her studio in the Arts Mill. Ilze has ready made bags and offers custom work options, too. Ilze Heider 

Both Gina and Ilze will have their studio space open on the Grand Opening Weekend.

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