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This bag is chock full of knitting projects. Layers of projects that go back a while; projects that were started with great intentions but haven’t made it past inch 5. I keep piling it on, thinking I can do one more creative endeavor and now I feel swamped. I have identified two types of projects. The first one is the creative, new technique that I just learned kind of project. Those are all about experimentation. Various yarn weights, needle sizes and gaining expertise in the stitch creation itself. The second are those with a deadline, such as my dad’s 90th birthday sweater. The summer sweater whose pattern I just received in my inbox for yarn I have on hand and now the prayer shawl.

Here’s my prioritized list and timeline:
Since I have the luxury of a flexible daily schedule, I can spend some time each day knitting. So first up is my dad’s sweater and the prayer shawl. After that I would like to work on the summer sweater (while it’s still summer) and then spend time again gaining expertise in new knitting techniques. Oh, did I mention I am attending a class in Austrian Cables with Arnhild Hillesland all day Saturday?  At the beginning of 2012 (this year) I decided I needed to deepen my knitting expertise by expanding my knowledge base and technical skill. The days are full. I’m sure most of you understand that ALL of my time could be spent on this because it’s so fabulous to do! Next year’s Almanac is starting to take shape. Wonderful pieces of fiber art in a variety of forms. So much talent to behold! I am really grateful that so many people want to be a part of it!