Kipp Inglis

Lodi, WI

Kipp Inglis

A Botanical Dyery at Spring Creek Art Works

I work primarily in wool and silk, but have a long history of sewing, quilting and costume design. Wool, silk and cotton fibers and fabrics are hand-dyed using natural dyes (botanical dyes). It is personally important to me to work in accord and as closely as I can with Mother Earth – it is our home.

I enjoy growing the plants used for dyeing and printing on fabric or foraging in our local environment (marsh, prairie and woodlands) for dyestuffs. I also purchase dyestuffs from all parts of the world that are grown and harvested from suppliers who adhere to sustainable methods. After I have dyed and/or painted the fabrics, I use various techniques to make clothing, accessories and home decorative items. Techniques I use include stitching by both hand and machine, quilting by hand or machine embroidery embellishment, felting, nuno felting and shibori.

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