Originally posted October 16, 2012 by Jenny Wilder. 

Tree Shadows, 35 x 10, photo transfer, collage, machine quilting, cotton, $240With all of the colorful leaves collecting in nooks and crannies, swirling up into cyclones and skidding across the driveway, I got to thinking about Susan Stein and her art quilts. Susan, who owned a quilt store in the Twin Cities for many years, now spends her time designing art quilts when she isn’t writing books and teaching across the United States. Why do the falling leaves and trees remind me of Susan? The leaf, with its unique one of a kind shape, has been the subject of many quilting experiments for Susan.

Winter Leaves, 2013, 24 x 25, discharged color, cotton & silk, $400

Susan-W-black leaves 1

Susan’s Artist Statement:

“My work utilizes saturated color, texture and designs that transition from the traditional into the contemporary. Hand-dyed fabrics from many artists inspire my work and provide a surface for further embellishment. Recently, surface design implemented with paint, discharge agents, photo transfer, layering and manipulation have been the main focus of my pieces.

Since the beginning of my quilting career in 1977, I have explored the many facets of quilting; for the wall, body, bed, office and church. Writing and designing have been an important part of my work, with seven books, many articles, and numerous contributions to major publications. Teaching is a passion, especially when it involves turning people on to new techniques and talents. My goal is to inform all people who view quilts of the myriad styles and functions of quilts and to empower students to express their own creative ideas through cloth, paint and fiber.”

Secret Life of Trees_1Susan offers day-long workshops as well as classes by the hour. Visit Susan’s website to learn more about her Studio Coaching, workshops and class offerings. 

Susan has written many books, her two latest are available here:

The Complete Photo Guide to Art Quilting

The Complete Photo Guild to Textile Art