Do you have any UFOs out there? I’m talking about the craft type of UFO, not the fly around in the space type of UFO. They are called Unfinished Objects. Just this morning a work plan solution popped into my inbox courtesy of Franki Kohler’s Postmark’d Art blog. It’s a fabulous article written by Colette Herrin. Taming the Project Dragon!


Colette wrote the article based on a numeric system she and her friend Jane Koura devised several years ago. The first step is to assess the number of UFOs. Then assign a number (1 to 5) based on the time it will take to complete the project. A second set of numbers represents the level of urgency (need/importance) to get it done. I especially like the part about dissembling projects and putting them back in the stash when you know it isn’t going to happen.

After years of success with this system, Colette and Jane report a great sense of accomplishment, uplifted spirits and expectations of good things to come!


p.s. This green wool is the icon of unfinished/unstarted projects in my fiber stash. It has much sentimental value, beautiful color and is one of a kind. Somehow, I have mentally deemed this LaLana wool to be so superior that I have to find the perfect object to make from it. It has been put into several project bags only to be returned to the bin. I have more than a few ‘Favorites’ on Ravelry intended for this wool.